About My Life

Beyond the Studio

Hello world, it’s me Shannon.

A little about me, I’m a nail art and relaxation connoisseur. I equally love both of these things. My goal as the person who holds your hands is to make you feel unique, pampered, and walk out of my studio feeling like a renewed version of yourself and ready for a nap.

When I’m not working, I love to cozy up on my couch with both of my cats in my lap, a cuddle puddle, and browse on my phone looking for new things to excite you and create! Lavender and Basil supervise from my lap. I love to laugh, spend quality time with my close friends, meaningful music, journaling for self growth, and watching a good murder mystery with popcorn and wine. Perfect combo, you must try.

My goal for Woodland Pearl is to bring a new kind of luxury experience beyond the normal routine of things, pay attention to the details and make magic happen. I love the client bonds I’ve had the privilege to forge and I’m always looking to grow as a nail tech, and a human.

Thank you all for your continued support through the years, and the hype I get from you at every turn.


Price List

Full Set - Acrylic: $65
Fill - Acrylic: $50
Full Set - Hard Gel: $65
Fill - Hard Gel: $50
Pink and White Powder Set: $65
Pink Only Fill: $50
Full Set - Color Powder: $65
Backfill - Color Powder: $60

Dip - Natural Nails: $50
Dip - With Extension: $60

Nail Art Level 1: $10-$15
Nail Art Level 2: $15-$30
Nail Art Level 3: $30+

Acrylic/Hard Gel Removal: $10
Gel polish/Dip Removal: Free with service, otherwise $10

All nail services come with cuticle work if needed.

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