N Wood

From a humble home to yours ✨

Hi my name is Nicole Wood known as NWood. I'm a Professional dancer and choreographer with 15 year's of experience. I have been in groups of dance, have travel the country dancing, been in lot's of dance competition, carnavals, presentation etc. I belong to a group named Puerto Rican dancers, we compited in a big show called Juventud Vibra where we one first place in imitation of the Broadway musical Lion King. Gave classes in the university called National University College (NUC IBC) where I taught a group of students and was the first ever to built a Abanuc of dance for the university.
Self-taught stretcher and helping others achieve there goals.

Also have the gift of healing threw massage and I implemented a new method created by me called Rock theraphy healing © inspired by my hometown at the beach where I saw this different types of rock and gave birth to this method where I massage the whole body giving you a nice sense of energy sea wiping away pain caused by stress and other conditions.

Homemade essential oils done by my hands with so much love to give you a touch of wellness. Over 3 years of experience making save products for you to use on daily basis to protect yourself and love one's. Save crystal dark bottles for a lasting product as demand. Creating everyday for your well being.

I want to help you achieve your goal!

"If I can inspire, I can teach it".