💖: Photography, Collecting, Journaling, and animation.

🎼 Faves: Ateez, Dreamcatcher, Itzy, and aespa

Fave cartoon shows: The Ghost and Molly Mcgee, The Owl House, Bungo Stray Dogs, Sk8 The Infinity, Amphibia.

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Anime faves

Besides Kpop I enjoy watching anime and reading Manga

Bungo Stray Dogs

This is one of my top faves because the characters have cool abilities to fight off others. There’s a lot of companies but the main two is The Port Mafia and The Armed Detective Agency.
Fave characters: Dazai, Chuuya, Ranpo and Yosano
Fave ship: Soukoku (Dazai & Chuuya)

Sk8 The Infinity

It’s a sports anime! One of my faves after Yuri on Ice! The storyline is awesome and the skateboard tricks everyone pulls are top notch. What’s amazing about this show is that each character has their own style of skateboarding and name they go by when they’re on tournaments.
Fave characters: Langa, Reki, Cherry
Fave ships: Matchablossom & Renga

Toilet bound Hanako Kun

Well this has a great story line. Especially when it comes to the supernatural! I love everyone’s roles in this story especially Nene’s. The colors and Art style is unique and pretty.
Fave characters: Nene, Kou, & Mitsuba
Fave wonders: #7 & #5
Fave ship: Mitsukou

Wonder Egg Priority

This is another supernatural show with implied of trigger warning. The girls go into a lucid dreamlike state to fight their demons and other peoples demons while they learn about themselves along the way. My favorite thing about the art style is that when they’re dreaming the style changes in a more goopy and less dense form.
Fave characters: Ai Ohto & Momoe Sawaki
Don’t ship anyone in this show.

Spy x Family

This is a manga but am excited to see this animated next year!! The family is so funny and cute. It’s a fake family where each have different roles to save humanity. Besides their humanitarian role, each of them have their own personal jobs as doctor, hospitality, and school. Twilight is a spy, Anya is a Telepath, and Yor is an assassin. Can’t wait to see more of how the story continues.
Fave character: Anya