My Top Picks

Iam an avid manhwa reader .I love to lay down in bed and read and read and read ......This is my first time writing a blog ..and I thought ...what should be my first blog about...? And psychological and horror manhwas came into my mind ..these genres are so thoroughly written here are some good picks for a psychological/ thriller/ horror manhwas/manhuas .

Here are my top 5 reccommendations ♡♡


This story consists of an artist and a madam called Jeonghwa song .And it also contain some twists and turns and some thrills .And also we can't avoid appreciating the author Hongjacga for the wonderful art in the manhwa .Also this story take place long time ago .
Original release on webtoon .

The Savior's time

This manhwa is about a brother who is seeking the reason behind his younger sister's untimely death .The only clue she left behind was a mysterious app with a community who need salvation from reality .It is a good read for those who want to real mysterious /thriller genres .Every chapter unfolds a new mystery .

Original release on webtoon.

Pyramid game

How would you feel if there was a poll based on popularity in your school / class ?What would you do if everyone was treated on the basis of this voting ?Well this is what happened in Love high and everyone are treated just on the basis of polls ...Is this just voting and popularity or is there more to it ?Read this manhwa by Dalgonyak to know more ..

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Who is this mysterious Dr.Frost ?He is a bartender at night but in the morning he is a psychologist . What is the mystery behind the name of Dr.Frost ?The mystery unfolds bit by bit as you read the episode one by one .There's also a k-drama by the same title by Lee Jong Beom.

Original release on webtoon

Escape room

What would be your reaction if you woke up inside an escape room ?Well for Sean was a reality when he woke up inside an escape room after he got drunk all night .What kind of people would he encounter in this escape room and is Sean a sociopath ?Read this manhwa if you like jumpscare !

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