Your BOSSFRIEND in Business

Hey, my name is Zhané! I help natural-born #girlbosses start their own product-based business to match (and then scale) their incomes to be able to leave their unfulfilling and draining 9-5’s. Three years ago, I started my first ever business selling crochet tops and bathing suits. I was so excited about it because none of my surrounding peers were starting businesses at the time. I made my launch products in about a week, designed my websites in one night, did a “photoshoot” in my living room and launched business in about 3 weeks. I posted all of the content I shot that one day in my living room on launch day, posted about my business on all of my social media platforms, got one order from a supportive friend, and then stared at my laptop for about two weeks waiting on orders that never came. Then and there is where the seed was planted for what you’re looking at right now! I began researching social media marketing tips and looking at tons of business videos online to help sell my crochet pieces but it never got implemented because I got so caught up in the research. During the following years up until now, I’ve probably come up with over 20 product-based business ideas that attempted to start. I knew how to go from idea to business, come up with content ideas, develop a social media marketing plan based on what I was selling specifically, set up every last platform and account I needed, and I even knew how to start each of them on a low budget and how I’d scale them into business I could make enough money to leave my uninspiring 9-5’s with. It never happened though. Why? I’ll tell you (and quickly too because this intro is running long)! About a year ago, during my business research, I started running across digital marketers, personal brand strategist, and a lot of entrepreneurs that made a career out of helping other people become entrepreneurs. I started studying them and obviously became fascinated enough to do the same. I already had the knowledge, I’d be helping people, and I could make money to leave my 9-5 to help other women who could relate to the frustrations of an unfulfilling job do the same! And now we’re here... 🤪 So follow my social medias, subscribe to my email list, subscribe to my YouTube channel, and get all this good knowledge so we can get you in a position (CEO to be exact) to leave your 9-5 by make money running your own business doing something that makes you feel alive (cause we all know dead those no-brainer 9-5’s make us feel)!


Helping #girlbosses start online product-based businesses so they can leave their 9-5’s! 💸