Yazmin Collette Wright —

Love Your Skin Within

Hey , I’m Yazmin but you can call me Yaz and Welcome to my personal website !!!
I’m a crazy, strange but of everything, I’ve been a chef, nursery nurse, dancer, shot girl, entertainer, and Now I inspire people to live a happier healthier life using the weird world of social media 😂!
I’ve always wanted to help people it’s my No1 goal even from when i was a little Kid and I have done so many things and now I get to help people learn to look after and love their body as well as teaching myself along the way !!!

Why I joined?✨ —

And what I do !!

It’s a MUST READ !!!

I started this journey thinking I wouldn’t last a month and probably wouldn’t make much as I was sceptical and didn’t think I could run my own business let alone make money from my phone !🤭😞

The first few weeks I felt like I didn’t know what I was doing ⁉️and wasn’t doing well, putting myself down because I wasn’t making as many sales as others and just doubting myself 24/7!😢

But no one ever starts a job and is amazing straight away. It takes time and practice! 👏

However, this job is better than I could have ever imagined! I’m 3 months In and loving it !! ❤️
Its my own business. 🤟
I earn a full time income from my phone 📲!
I can work whenever and wherever I want
and still have time for my family and my pooch! 🐶

If you’re thinking about joining - DO IT!!!✨✨🌸🌺

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My testimonials ✨🌸🌺

I used to be so unhappy with the way I looked and felt !

I was always I’ll , always had stomach problems and cramps and anything I ate didn’t agree with me !!
Since starting this businesss and taking these products I can now eat what I want when I want and ... i am so much happier !!

And let’s not start with my stamina and fitness level 😂😂 omg I had never been so unfit in my life , couldn’t even run to catch the bus now I do to work outs twice a week if not more and I absolutely feel amazing and my stamina and health has gone right up!!

These products have saved me ✨🌸🌺!!!

Skin testimonials ✨🌸🌺 —

And my mental health !

I used to be so unhappy with the way I looked and felt for a long time !!

Since starting juice plus and taking these products i am so much happier and you can seee it !!

I look and feel better my eyes used to have hugeeee bags under them , I was full of spots and my skin was TERRIBLE!! Now I’m glowing and healthy !!

My mental health was a messsss and I mean a mess but with the products and the support from all the amazing girlies in the business I’ve come on leaps and bounds !!! My confidence is growing day by day and I feel amazing !!!

These products have saved me truly I’m so grateful ✨🌸🌺!!!

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