to the friend i met on october 23.

to my birthday boy.

nathan baker, you're the synthesis of all good things. is someone who gives love to someone who feels unable to receive any kind of love, you mean kindness, you're someone who brings grace and gives color to everything around you. you're the one that is special and the one that is so good that it makes the word "good" lose its meaning when compared to you.

i wanted to say that i hope you had a wonderful day, and that your night is even better. i will always be here hoping for your happiness and that is all i can wish you for today. all the good things that the universe can provide you.

this is my present for you.
(link below).

happy four months of us.

"whatever souls are made of his and mine are the same."

talking about you will always be difficult, because i can't find words to define you or define my love for you. with you, i was lucky to know an entire galaxy through your eyes, i saw all the brightest stars and the most beautiful constellations, and every night i keep asking for that shooting star that will let me stay with you forever.

this month we fought, laughed, cried, we didn't speak to each other (and that was the most painful thing that ever happened, o found out that i suck at being away from you) and yet we’re still here, strong and ready to welcome our little star. you will be a wonderful father, just as you're an extraordinary companion.

i love you, thank you for making me happy every day in a different way, i hope that you broke my four-month curse, and that i break your one-year curse. happy us.