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Injustice In Religion

This website is designed to oppose the religions that are being used against the fight for human rights. These religions are filled with evils that can be found in their holy books. These religions have teachings that range from ridiculous and absurd to dangerous and cruel. These religions have held society back ever since they were founded. The people who blindly adhere to these religions often use them to do bad things, but they aren't ready to face the hard truths about their religion. They aren't prepared to face the reality that their holy books are filled with contradictions, scientific errors, historical errors, and much more.

This website will expose these religions and it will help people want to leave their religion but are afraid to. If you are an adherent of one of these religions and want to know the truth that your religious leaders won't tell you, proceed forward. If you are here to make excuses for your religion, I've got the books. The texts are plain and clear. You can't realistically defend any of it without denying, covering up, or lying about it.

In the end, these religions should have no say on morality.

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The Bible (Judaism and Christianity) —

Injustice In Religion

One of the most popular religious scriptures is the Bible. The Bible is filled with verses and passages that range from barbaric and cruel to logically insane and absurd. The Bible is adhered to by the adherents of Judaism (Genesis to Malachi) and Christianity (Genesis to Revelation), but the Yahweh of this book has a very low view of everyone including his own people. This book is incompatible with a civilized world, and you need only to view the scripture itself to see this.

This website will show you the things that are not discussed by the rabbis and the pastors who keep people in the dark about this. This website will help free the minds of those who are being played by the destructive religions of Judaism and Christianity. If you have a Bible by your side, just pick it up and read along. You will learn the truth about why the Bible should never serve as a moral compass.

Injustice In Religion - The Bible (Judaism/Christianity)