Its always the Little Things in life!

Hey! I'm Anshika! Nice to meet you! :)
I've always found writing very therapeutic in my life. I realised that I was always fond of writing be it my thoughts or about my day in general.
It was my dad who discovered this passion of writing and suggested that I should take this thing forward and keep it not just to myself but showcase it to the world! So here I am, still trying to explore parts of me, that are yet to discover.

I always believed that it's always the little things in your life that matter the most and hence, the name "Little Things"
So if you are someone, looking for little doses of happiness and motivation, I would say you've landed at the right place❤️

PS: Thankyou for staying that long! :)

Friendship Day Special!

Waqt bhi sarfiraa saa lage
Bhaagta saa rahe harr jagah
Waqt ko sujhne hai lagi dillagi..
If you're reading this right now, I would say today is the perfect day to go text that friend of yours, you've been planning to meet but can't because.. um, "I'm too busy!". Not saying, you'll are not busy, it's all excuses but all I am saying is life just doesn't stop. It goes on. And these little things? These moments? They're not gonna come back! The day you'll tell your kids about your best friend and you'll have that small ache? That ache would be of regret! Regret that you were so busy building a lifestyle for yourself that you forgot to live your life with those crazy people who you chose to call family! Your chosen family!❤️
Now that you have this tingling feeling in your heart, your heart smiling, I would say you pick up your phone and straight away call your best friend and tell him/her how much you miss them! Get those old times back, the same inside jokes, those double meaning messages..
Now that you've finally decided to do that, I want you to do one more thing! I want you to call that one friend who was your best friend but because of few things you don't even call them your friend now! I want you to be the bigger person and clear all the misunderstanding in the air. Whoever's fault it might be, just call them and tell them you miss them! Forgive all the wrong doings and start afresh!
This pandemic has taught us a lot! Life is so uncertain, so much unpredictable has happened! If you're here, safe and sound, reading this, I would say be grateful and just call that person because you never know, the day you realise things, it just might be too late! That person might just not be there to listen to your sorry, and how much guilty you are! :)

Happy Friendship Day!✨

PS: tell me how did you celebrate your Friendship Day and what's that one thing you and your best friend do or that one ritual that you guys do everyday! Using the "#allthingsA"