Let’s get NAKED

Hey Hippies!!

My name is Savannah. I am the owner and creator of Naked Hippie LLC.

Naked Hippie is more than just goods and services. When you invest in Naked Hippie you are investing in an experience; in a VIBE. You are investing in a lifestyle. A lifestyle that encourages you to steadfast in your truth, align yourself and to LASH OUT. When people hear, see or THINK Naked Hippie they FEEL something.

Naked Hippie is a MAGICAL journey.

N - Narrative:

✨A blank canvas; Affirmative actions. I am what I say I am. I am the author, the paper and the pen. I create my own story.

A - Authentic:

✨Acceptance. Exposing your inner truth to the world and embracing your journey. Showing up as YOU everyday. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, misunderstood, happy, sad, moody.. HUMAN.

K - Kinetic:

✨Moving. Being present. Constantly evolving. Unlearning the predisposed behaviors, patterns, toxic traits and mindsets of our ancestors. Embracing the joy of losing your mind and finding your soul.

E - Empowering:

✨Swaddle your power. Naked Hippie is a reflection of spiritual beings breaking the habit of being themselves. A community of souls declaring happiness a priority while supporting/pouring light into the Universe.

D - Deserving:

✨You are more than enough. Know your worth. Do everything that makes YOU happy. I am free spirited and protect my peace by any means. I am not constrained by pleasing others, being what society wants me to be and I am no longer silencing my voice. There is power in the tongue. You have everything you need inside of you. Be YOU on purpose.

Naked Hippie is unbecoming everything you thought your were and transforming into everything you were created to be.


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