Rebellious Chemical Anarchy. Clever Chemistry Compounds make up uber effective products. Annie Graham developed these face care products to treat the dry skin of her clients and consequential accompaniments of it. She is always looking for better, and always outside of the box so that your skin gets what it needs to look younger and healthier. The products are cruelty free and suitable for all skin types.

Why XO FACEcare?

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world and has vast terrain and climates. Addressing specific skin care needs due to environmental stressers and extreme climates has been the purpose behind developing XO FACEcare. Many geographical areas are poorly sheltered from extreme winds and are home to temperatures that vastly vary on a daily basis. These factors cause stress and damage to delicate skin. XO FACEcare uses the most concentrated actives in facial skincare to protect the Stratum Corneum and Trans Epidermal Water Loss. Pleasure of use should never be lost among self-care products, however the focus of efficacy and science are primary.

XO Treatments

Technology based, but lifestyle minded. Non ablative lasers (healing without notable injury to the epidermis) and other energy sources yield fantastic results without the downtime or tissue trauma of previous technologies. Being preventative with your health and with your beauty is the new black. Book it.