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My Top Picks


Pop culture

Position the Album is coming

So cosmo October cover

With everything that is going on in the world right now we are still getting great music with a touch of sister to sister kind of love and I just can’t wait to see what these beautiful women do next but are they the salt and pepper of this generation?

They wish they were us

Something to read this fall before the tv series

Midnight sun

Twilight has a new book published and this time it’s from Edwards point of view

Love craft country

This dark new world of supernatural of the south base on the novel by Matt Ruff comes Love Craft on the HBO network I’m so excited to see it with every thing that’s going on in the world today watch it Aug/16


If u seen the movie hustlers well this tv show will make you forget about it because these girls are way more savage episodes one and two are in starz now.

Malcolm & Marie

Malcolm & Marie made by the same creator who gave us euphoria we get to see zendaya in a movie as a married women I’m happy to see her take more adult roles as a actresses

Chilling adventures of Sabrina gets cancelled

Hopefully we get a long last ride with the new season later on this year

Teyana Taylor new album

We all loved the album that she came out with in 2018 called K.T.S.E now she is back with some more music for us I find it so crazy how music artists is still putting out music with everything that is going on it’s seem like no matter what is happening music will never stop with this album there are more songs and even a 90s type of vibe.

Love victor

Just finished the last episode of this show and it was really good from start to finish can’t wait until season 2

The Bold type

Last episode of the bold type was really good our girls are all grown up don’t forget to catch up before next week episode I love how everybody is going through different life situations .

the millennium series

The girl with the dragon tattoo has been through so much but everything has made her into the women she is the smart Haker Lisbeth Salander.

Chole x Halle

New album ungodly hour is out now on all music platforms go take a listen

it was good until it wasn't

Kehlani new album is out now the vibe that’s she gives with this new album is very good with her as a new mother and part of the LGBTQIA I love the story that she tells go take a listen

Corona will she ever set us free

This virus has really taken over the world now they are saying that it might stick with us until next year with the police wars and this virus wither there ever be light at the end of the tunnel ever again