Welcome! 🎃

I made this milkshake website for any of your Q&A questions in my tiktok bio!

If you don't know me or came from my tiktok, Hi, Welcome. I'm Jane and I'm ** years old (That is a secret) I'm from England, UK and I have alot of interest in making fun videos for people when they are sad for example. I have 2 sibling and 2 dogs! I'm also very fortunate to have an amazing fanpage!

I started my very first tiktok account in Early February of 2020. In October of 2020 I found a Christmas account, I thought it was soo soo cool! So with me obsessed with Christmas I made one! That account has been through alot, it's still standing now with a whopping 1740 followers! I'm so grateful for that account. As for this one,

it was November 15th 2020, When Charli D'Amelio was growing with popularity, I found myself finding so much joy watching her videos, she actually Dm'd me once, I was soo happy! I was struggling during that moment and her reaching out is the reason I'm here today! Unfortunately, that chat got deleted, but I will always remember it!
I'm so thankful for how far this account has come!

I have noticed my videos hugely spiking up with popularity, I can't say how grateful for that I am, I will continue to make videos for you all!

If you have any questions or requests please lmk in my Q&A in my bio! Ilyasm!<33

Nothing here yet!