See the BEAUTY in YOU!

“Be your own kind of beautiful”

ALOHA! I’m Brittany. Mommy of 4, been working in the food/beverage industry for 10+ years!! I’ve worked doubles & 2 jobs just to get by. I was EXHAUSTED! I always had in the back of my mind that i wanted to do something and make money from home... but what?!? My “WHY’S” in choosing to be a part of monat and just giving it a try is simple and probably the same as most you. So if your on my page i most likely know why😉 but before that lets get to know me a little more.

💕Yes, i was VERY skeptical! For months I’d catch myself watching many of my friends testimonials and been reached out to and i always said “maybe”. I wondered.. will it really work on my hair??! Can i really make money from a company i can’t even pronounce? LOL. For me my hair has been Unmanageable, thick, dry, damaged, & frizzy for as long as i can remember. So i would experiment with a bunch of different hairstyles(cuts & colors) well, fast forward to 2020.. this year hasn’t been easy i’ve been on maternity leave, my job had to shut down on & off and bills started rising!! I needed to act fast and believe in the man above to guide me with nothing to lose and so i signed up to be a #BossMom

As some know baby sitters are hard to come by with 4 kids, schools been virtual, and i started to watch my other half struggle alone financially providing for us.. i wanted to help! I wanted to be apart of “our” time and provide income while being at home as well as spending as much time with them as i could because when i was working full time i lost so much time with them i had mom guilt on full effect! I wanted to work for me! For them! It’s was also for the sanity of myself because self love is equally important to loving others❤️ ya da ya da i can go on and write a novel but i won’t do that to you. Lol
-So what’s your “WHY” don’t be shy give it a “TRY” start your journey and grow with me to enhance your true beauty, naturally. Let today be about YOU! Take my HAIR or SKIN quiz to see how i can help you. If needed we can always talk more info😊 can’t wait to be beauty friends!

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