About Me

About Me!

Heyy guys here are some facts about me! Hi my name is Zuzia! I’m from Poland but I live in Germany! My zodiac sign is Aquarius and I have birthday 14.2! I’m 12 years old. I LOVE to help people and I’m very nice and kind! Spam and hate on my account: you get blocked!


Video ideas!

Here are some video ideas you can use! Credits: would be nice!

Who was your first idol?

Do you think Zoe will be a good mom?

Would you rather follow me or (name a person)?

What’s your name without (your idols name)?

If this video would be on friends only would you be able to see it?

Omg i hate this people are begin for likes! Like if you agree!

What’s the hardest thing about being a fanpage?

Start a kindergarten fight in the comments!

Would you freak out if I followed you?

Your 6th @ needs you right now!

Are you allowed to stay at home alone?

Draw a heart on your keyboard and see what it says!

What’s an overrated emoji?

Boys ask questions, girls answer them!

Be honest, do you consider me as a famous fanpage?

Do you get jealous of fanpages that have much actives?

Do you update your milkshake website when you change something on your account?

Do you have a milkshake website?

What’s an emoji you can’t stop using?

What emoji will never leave your recent?

Do you like your name backwards?

Do you think that clothes has a gender?

Do you support @(yourusername)?

Does @(yourusername) follows you?

Would you unfollow if I would switch to a (say a fandom)?

If tiktok would banned fanpages under 4K would you be banned?

Do you have an YouTube channel?

If you owned tiktok what’s the first thing you will add or change?

Be honest, why are you following me?

Do you have an username saver?

Do you think that Michael Jackson is still alive?

Who’s the most unproblematic tiktoker?

If I asked you to be my ibf, what would you say?

My coloring!

This is my coloring tutorial! If you use it give credits!

Go on ultralight:
Clarity 10+
Sharpen 10-

Go on precuel:
Exposure 28+
Contrast 8+
Highlights 30+
Shadows 100+
Filter Teal on 70
Effect daimond everything on 0 except the filter on 70

Go on colortune:
Pick the filter coogee

That’s my coloring!

Tip: if you use a video we’re your idol has an blue T-shirt or hoodie , it shines with the coloring!🤫

If you wanna my coloring I use right now, just ask me and I will do a coloring tutorial!