Let’s hit the road. Bring the milk, I’ll get the cereal.


Call me Ximena as in HE-MEH-NAH.

First of all, it’s important to note that I was born and raised in the border town of Brownsville, Texas. Why? Because it is during times like today’s present that we need to individually feel proud of where we come from and there’s nothing more interesting that being from the border. We’re unique humans and we can’t be found in a lot of places. Yes, I enjoyed a fun and happy childhood surrounded by a unique family and love, films, books, trips and lots of food. But, I do confess that somehow I felt disconnected from the world, a place known to have so many different cultures and stories.

I decided to escape to New York City for my freshman year in college and attend The New School. Four years later I accomplished the following: interned at Marie Claire and All Day Every Day, a creative content collective, graduated with a BBA degree in Strategic Design and Management and worked at an e-commerce startup known today as cools.com. It was the big boom of self clarity and discovery that lead me to pursue a Masters Degree in Social Entrepreneurship which added that extra need of social impact strategy to what I do.

Today, I live in Dallas, Texas working around projects mainly focused on the arts, women, entrepreneurship, fashion, mental health and the Hispanic community, all through Writing, Media Strategy, PR and Strategic Partnerships. As for what I call my “job”, I’m a full time editor at Latino Leaders Magazine.

As for now, I believe my purpose is to be an authentic storyteller and help others to simply feel deeply and be inspired.