A little bit about my account

Hello! Welcome to 12kchrlss account Here we do so many things. We enjoy things like spreading positivity leaving nice notes for everybody and having fun and making jokes along the way. Some traditional things that I’m going to be starting or continue doing from now on is doing an edit of the week which means every single Wednesday I’m going to be posting an ad that I created within a week or so. Also a question that I get frequently is “do you allow SP?” Yes I won hundred percent allow SP because I think it’s great that people get a boost from my account in my comments and people end up following them. in this Little portfolio I’m going to be talking about things that I do in my account like my colouring the fonts that I use and so many more things so I hope you enjoy.

My colouring

~Do you like my coloring? Well if you do here’s a little step-by-step tutorial on how to create it just make sure you have these following apps: Prequel & Colourtone~

-Exposure: -15
-Contrast: -25
-Highlights: -50
-Shadows: -6
-Haze: 10
-Glow: 10
-Blur: 33

For Colourtone this is just a one step process so you’re going to get your video and you’re going to go to filters and you’re going to get the colour Avalon.

~Prequel cont~
This is the last part of the steps. you’re just gonna go to Prequel and you’re going to select the filter dust.

The Font I use <3

Do you want my fonts? Well of course I don’t use many so here they are! I use...

- UIMockup
- Mermaid Bold
- KGflavourandframesthree (yes it is all one word)
- PumpkinChessecake
- Garlic salt

Where I get my videos

On my account you will see two different people for my aesthetic videos. If you want to know where I get them from I normally tag them in the caption or I’ll tag them in the comments. You’re able to scroll through their account and find the videos that I used!

Thanks to:

I just want to give a huge thanks to some of my friends on tick-tock I know they might not read this all but I just wanna give a huge thanks to them I know they know who they are and I just want to give them a huge thanks. And a huge thanks to my followers for making my dream come true I know I’ve been stuck at 2000 for a long time but I’m very very thankful for everything that you guys have done for me and all the positivity you’ve been spreading on my account thank you and I love you all!