My journey so far!

Hi, my name is Ellie, I am currently studying level 3 theatrical hair and makeup. I am also a qualified level 2 hair and media make-up artist. I have always had a love for make-up from the age of 13, I liked to my makeup for events. When I first started my skills weren’t as good as they could of been, so I keep practising so I could improve myself. My collection of makeup grew and I new brushes I have never used before and I started to get better. My end goal for make-up is to have my own salon and be a well-known makeup artist. I would also love to work in film and tv and one biggest dreams is to work with celebrities all over the world!


When it comes to makeup, my biggest strength is eyeshadow; I love to create different looks and making them unique each time by using a variety of different colours, styles, glitters, and liners. I feel like I can express myself a lot more with eyeshadow as there are many looks you can create to show your thoughts and feelings.

There are many different looks you can create for example, cut crease, half cut Crease, Smokey eye, graphic liner or a single use colour swept over the eye.
Makeup has no limits so when creating looks remember that you don’t have to stick to the eyelids, extend it out to the temples or bring it lower down on the lash line. You make the rules when doing your own makeup so use that to have freedom over what you want to do.
Never let anyone make you feel that the makeup you do doesn’t fit with their beauty standards as beauty can never be defined


Skincare is very important before and after your makeup. There are many different steps and products when it comes to skincare.
When doing your skin care there is a certain order you have to apply the products and this depends on the consistency of the product. You also have to factor in a morning and night routine. When you do your morning routine the typical order is: cleanser, toner, eye cream, any spot treatments (optional), moisturiser, sunscreen and then primer before you do your makeup. However, when you do your night routine you want to make sure your face is free from any makeup and also it done to allow your skin to heal through the night, the products you would use are: a makeup remover, cleanser, toner, serums, any treatments, eye cream, moisturiser/ night cream and a lip mask.

All skincare products are different, and all perform in different ways.

Cleanser: They are used to get rid of any dirt like makeup, dead skin cells left behind and any excess oils. Cleansing helps unclog your pores and this prevents your pores being enlarged.

Toner: This helps get rid of any left-over cleanser it also helps to revitalize you skin without stripping and it doesn’t dry your skin out.

Eye cream: It helps hydrate the under eyes, it also helps prevent fine lines under the eye.

Moisturiser: It helps add moisture into your skin and everyone can use moisturiser. It is common that people think that because they have oily skin they don’t want to add any more moisture to their skin but they still need to use it.

Sunscreen: This is to help protect your skin against the UV rays that come from the skin as they are dangerous to the skin.

Lip masks: These will help your lips gain moisturiser which is well need especially during the colder months.