About Me

Twitch, MK Hawaii, & Monat!

Hi! Welcome to my page!

If you don’t know me by now my name is Megan and I run a couple businesses!

I am the founder of MK Hawai‘i the brand and we do our best to coordinate photo and video shoots for local businesses. I’ve worked for a small boutique in downtown for almost 3 years now and seeing the owner put in such hard work to keep the place running everyday made me want to help. So I decided to contact some friends I made from my time modeling and did a few fun branding shoots to start my portfolio. After that, the rest was history! I love getting to connect businesses with independent and freelance models, photographers, hair stylists, makeup artists, & more because everyone deserves the opportunity to step out in the community and shine where they never thought they’d shine before!

Besides MK I am also a Market Partner with Monat! I’ve been in the business since December 2018 and I’ve grown so much since then. I’m learning more about myself everyday, always networking, meeting new beautiful souls, making an income, and recently earned an all expense paid trip to the Dominican Republic. This team has really shown me what I was missing. I’m so excited to continue growing with everyone who gets started alongside me. 🤍

With everything that’s happened during this pandemic I’ve also found my way into the Twitch scene! My other half, JoMamaSpears, decided to make a tiktok duet with me that popped off and lead to him growing there! After spending many nights hyping him and other Hawaii twitch streamers up I went for it and got started too! Come join a stream for good fun and laughs!

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