CEO of AURA Health

I didn’t start my business to make money, I started my business to make a difference!

I'm Symran, just a girl with big dreams! I am a hairstylist and love making people feel amazing about themselves, but I have always had a passion about keeping fit and healthy! That is why I decided to start my own journey!

Starting Aura Health has not only changed my life and my families lives, it has also changed 1000's of people's lives.

I started this business on a mission to get healthy, loose weight and earn a couple of £100 a month to make ends meet! It's safe to say I have done both and exceeded my expectations as I have managed to earn more than I thought I was capable of! Now I am able to dream bigger, there are so many opportunities that have opened up for me which I only heard about people doing, I am so excited for what the future holds.

I have never been so happy and healthy and I want to keep helping people achieve their goals whether it be financial or health related.

So what is Aura Health?

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start in order to be great

Helping people find themselves again is my passion. Seeing people achieve their health goals is so rewarding. We have amazing plans to help with weightloss, weight gain or just improving your general health.

So if you are tired, overweight or just want to get that glow and confidence back - then I’m right here to help.

If are interested in joining my team and you want to earn a bit of extra money we have over £119,000 in bonuses available, plus your commission! Message me for a friendly chat🤍