about me, some tips and my colouring tutorial 𐚱

hi im melody, im 11 years old and i live with my parents and sister! i live in the neterlands. i love to make edits and aesthetic videos! in my opinion im very good at those. im supporting addison rae since 2019 i created a fanpage for her august 12 2019. but i also got some supporters wich im very grateful for! this is about me ig! enjoy reading! <3

to grow you’re fanpage!

this are some tips for growing you’re fanpage (i had a account with 33,1k)

first tip!

post 1-3 times a day! but don’t post to much because people will get bored of you’re videos

2 tip!

don’t restart you’re account to much!
if you have like a account with 3k and you only have 2 videos or sm people will unfollow because they think its unfair you have 3k followers if you only have 2 videos

tip 3!

have a good colouring and theme! people like if you have like a nice account with a good theme and a good coloring!

and tip 4!

NEVER buy followers it can get you banned!!

colouring tutorial

i’ll do a colouring tutorial if i hit 10k! i’ll might do a face reveal too, but idk if im ready! xx @xoaddson

fonts that i use

banana seed regular
better together
bycom icons
cheecky rabbit
futura handwritten
garlicsaltextras regular
habede extra doodles
lemon milk medium
louis george café bold italic
pretty you (not on dafont)