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I created XO Beauty, because for so many years I’ve struggled with problematic skin. Growing up I had severe cases of eczema, at times it would be so bad that I use to get bullied and suffered from self-esteem issues. Due to having these problems with my skin left dark areas and blemishes on my skin. As I grew older I learned that not only a healthy diet helps skin problems clear up but also the type of products that you use. Without realizing it there are a lot of chemicals in beauty products. Some may think that in order to achieve firm tight skin, blemish free, or just a healthy glow you need chemicals to do so. Well, I’m here to say that is very untrue, just by combining the right essential oils, natural butters and herbs, you can have healthy skin. Long before a lot of chemicals came into existence our ancestors used what the earth produced.
It wasn't until I started getting into the modeling world, working at a spa and now for a wellness center, I had a chance to learn more about skin care and the body and ways to take care of it, I knew I wanted to do my part in helping others that has and are going through the same skin issues that I have. Not only does the key to great skin start with eating healthier and what you put in your body but also what you put on it. Your skin is the biggest organ that you have, it absorbs things so easily. It’s very important to watch what you put on your skin, to make sure that your body absorbs the healthiest products possible. Every skin type has it’s own need for certain ingredients, that’s what my products provide. The right ingredients to correct achieve healthier skin, younger looking skin.

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