About Me

Preschool Teacher and Network Marketer

Welcome to my page!!!! I am Xochitl Hernandez a simple down to earth 25 year old women and soon to be mom. I’m currently working as a TA in a preschool which I completely love, I’ve been there for about 5 years, so we can say I love stability. During my free time I love creating memories with my FAMILY, FRIENDS, and of course my MONAT TEAM!
How I got here. Listen, life is full of surprises and when those unexpected turns head to the worst is when you notice that some opportunities are about taking that leap of faith. I had recently loss my father because of COVID 19, was taking care of my mother, separated from a long relationship, then got pregnant in the most unexpected way. I was relying on just my full time job and I knew that I needed more than just one income because bills just kept piling up.
One of my close friends mentioned to me about becoming a Market partner for Monat. I have heard of Monat before and was a vip customer but I said I wasn’t the influencer or promoter type so selling was not an option. She said there’s a 30 day money back guarantee if you don’t like it or see any difference in your change of mind than this is not for you and that’s totally fine but just give it a try! I felt like I was missing an opportunity of a life time and then after so many times of saying no I gave her a yes. So if you are here on my page take that leap and see for yourself what this company has to offer you!!! Trust me, you have nothing to loose and everything to win!! So tell me are you ready to say YES?