Hey there my name is Alexis

Thank you for supporting me and clicking my link ! Welcome to my journey with Monat . I’ve heard of monat for over 2 years , never tried it and I was always skeptical . I’ve had over 5 people talk me into joining and I always backed out at the last second . What scared me was looking at $200 and thinking of my 3 kids and all the what if’s....

What if I put this $200 in and don’t make it back ? (That’s 200 I could buy diapers or formula with)

What if this is all a scam ?

What if nobody wants to buy from me ?

But what really changed my mind was WHAT IF I LET THE OPPORTUNITY GO AND IT COULD’VE HELPED ME ?!

That is exactly why I decided to put my ALL into this . I thought of all the positives I can get from this . I can make money from home, I get more time with my 3 babies and I can get all the beauty benefits from our products .

So join me on this journey , make a positive change your life ! Whether it be by using the products or selling them ! (These products are for both men & women !)

What are you options ?

Try it - Save $ - Retail

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Option 1

Customer (Try it out)

- purchase products at full price
- pay shipping costs
- no commitments
- one time buyer

Option 2

VIP Customer

- 15-25% discount off ALL products
- $19.99 ONE TIME sign up fee
- no monthly fees
- access to all flash sales
- free gifts
- free shipping
- birthday gift

Option 3

Market Partner ( JOIN OUR TEAM)

- 30% off all products
- free shipping
- free gifts
- 15%-40% commission
- no monthly quotas
- ground floor opportunity
- make income from your phone
- no selling requirements
- no inventory
- free trip incentives
- free car program