oooooo hey guys!!

im happy youre here!

Little about me - I’m from illinois, born and raised. I met my husband on MySpace when it was cool 😂 he’s from Indiana. Love at first meet! We’ve been together ever since and now we live in the country surrounded by corn & have 3 little floofster kitties.

I’m a former newborn & family photographer. I have a lil business (oh love props) where I make cute little headbands and hats for newborn photographers across the globe. I also partnered with an amazing anti-aging skin + hair care company & get to share what I love and what gave me confidence in life with others.

I’m obsessed with traveling. 2020 put a dent in my travel plans, but 2021 is gonna be lit! Punta Cana in feb, Nashville in March & Vegas in April + many many more places!

I also am a huge fan of living life as fun as you can! If you’re not having fun, it’s not worth doing. But let me tell ya ... I can usually find fun in everything ;)

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my monat journey

started from the bottom now we here

It started back in Dec 2016. I had flat oily hair, I had bald spots. I was desperate for help but didn't want to go the rogaine route. Insert Monat! From my first wash, I was in love. After 4 weeks I saw a ton of new growth & 10 months later I decided to tell everyone and thier mom about this stuff!

I partnered with Monat in Sept 2017. In that time I've helped over 3000 women & men get the best hair possible & have a team of over 550 amazing men & women! This business has been a huge blessing for my family and so many others on my team!

We have the best time sharing something that works & products we love ❤ The results speak for themselves!

My little floooofsters

spike, tater & pixel

spike: 15 male black + white
came home from a ladies garage at 6 weeks old
-always hungry, love flicker toys, always snuggling, recovered from diabetes + will hiss at strangers
(Aka buddy, buddy guy, the booge, boudrine)

tater: 12 female tortie
rescued from the shelter @ 6 months old
the Blanche of the cat world. Always down for snuggles & toy time, poofs her tail and shakes it like a Polaroid picture.
(Aka tater beans, bean queen, beans, green beans)

pixel: 9 female calico
rescued from a shelter at 2 years old
Kinda picky on when she snuggles. Loves to be way up high and always has the zooomies. Spends a lot of time with me in the bathroom bc I keep it hot 😂
(Aka peen, pnut, peanut butter and jelly, the peen)