A letter to my past-self

Hello to you,
My beloved young reflection,whose presence has carved the roots of my future,your future.
It is ours and it will always be!
Hello to you,
You, naive,dreamy girl,fluorishing at the peak of your adolescence,trying vehemently to protect yourself in this fiercely harsh and brutal world.

Greetings and salutations younger myself,
My most "precious treasure",who surpassed the signs of the time,my fellow traveller,my existence...

From the depths of the involvement and furiosity,
echoes the voice of your future self Jona,
I have come to give explanations to all your questions,but let me tell you darling ,that a fierce,but a bright future awakens from it.

The future is furious,developing, always surpassing its algorithms and involving.
Life seems fragile and moments infinite.
Everyone is happy,or so they pretend to be.Our lifestyle has practically evolved rythms which we as humans,would never imagine,at such a short period of time.
Although there is a place for every actor in this big mondial stage,some are barely managing to act in order to win over their life.
People are lonely,
Something seems to be missing,in fact, a lot seems to be missing!

Te tell the truth my younger self,sometimes I feel I don't belong to this world.
Maybe I was just a victim in the wrong place,at the wrong time,but there are days, when I sincerely wish I were you.
I miss you,my past self,more than I expected ,I would.
I wish
I was, the 16 year old girl,with ideals and dreams,wanting to achieve success and be recognised.I wish I was still , the dreamy girl ,spending endless nights studying and staring at the dark unyielding eternity thinking:"I hope it has a place for me"!
I miss the feeling which used to arouse me anytime any exam would come forward,
I miss those friends I met randomly, but became a beautiful part of my day.

The truth is,I miss being you,Jona.
Removing my veil for once and wearing yours,just for one day,then returning back to reality.
Wouldn't it feel beautiful?

However,I still cannot say that I feel lonely.My work and lifestyle has always kept me engaged.I enjoy working as a doctor a lot.This was your dream, remember?
There is nothing more beautiful than seeing smiling faces of people showing gratitude towards you.
I love my job and our parents are still supporting me.
I still haven't met the love of my life,but I enjoy quite a lot travelling and falling in love with book characters ,just as I did when I was younger.
Then,there are those gloomy days,when I feel lonely.
Staring at the emptiness of the horizon, wandering myself without a particular reason,holding a cup of coffee as my companion of those silent evenings.
And I wonder and wander,aimlessly,
the boredom has overcome my joy.

The city holds my breath...

My younger self,
I have never regretted being you.
I enjoyed being part of your journey,every moment.
You have cultivated warmth and such compassion inside my heart,which excel the cruelness of the world.

Jona,my younger self,
My sweet little garden in the land of thorns,
my little ray of hope,the slightest distraction from a perpetual nightmare.

Stay as you are.
May your gentle heart be filled with love and compassion,
may your mouth be full of blessings and your soul full of freedom.
Don't let the world change you.
Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage not weakness.
Find strength within your actions and let the river of life flow its blessings towards you.

Be grateful my dear,for everything you possess within you and take time to appreciate God's decision to built humans evoking honesty and willpower inside them.

My darling,
Be a sunflower 🌻 in a garden full of roses 🌹.
Do not change.
Do not shed any tears
Do not lament or feel sorry,
Be You!

And let the world appreciate you for who you are!

Jona' from the future