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My name is Kellie-Anne! I’m an Eye Doctor from Hawaii who is obsessed with skincare, lifestyle and fashion. 🤍 My Godfidence is what keeps me motivated and allows me to help someone just like you! If you are someone who wants a little advice for skincare, eyes or just life in general... I’m always here for you to reach out to! I’m living my dream of finally being a business owner and I can help you do that too! Send me a DM and I would love to personally help you✨

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This company sets you up for success which is the part I love the most! I got my first promotion in 2.5 weeks 😱 Not convinced yet?
YES the girls on my team will tell you how they got free trips, free bags, free necklaces, and even free cars. But the most impactful change is HOW they were able to replace or cut back on their 9-5 jobs and start living a life doing what is MOST important to them. For me that’s spending more time with family, friends and traveling. What’s your reason?

DM if you want to know more!