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for your inner goddess ✨

About 🌞

Tell the world what you’re made of

all natural skin & hair care products handmade with love and positivity. ✨
everything your skin needs. that’s it.

plant based ingredients & pairings selected with maximum healing effect in mind.

no parabens, chemicals, animal products or byproducts.

children & baby products available
herbal baths, soaps, scrubs, lip balms, serums, lotions, hair clips, body wash, face cleanser & MORE 🧡

we have CBD 🌈

herbal bath ✨

self care isn’t selfish

Herbal bath blends ✨

choose one of my blends or customize your own 🌞

herbal bath minis

your favorite herbal bath blend now comes in travel size!

$5 each

good sleep blend

rose petals with lavender, lavender oil & rosemary.
relaxes body, rejuvenates skin, calms nerves and improves sleep

goddess blend

lavender, forget me not, & purple gomphrena petals with jasmine, rosemary, & eucalyptus.
respiratory relief, grounding & balancing.

calming blend

lily petals, jasmine, tea tree & lemon.

Enhances mood & refreshes skin.

aloha blend

Hawaiian black lava salt, lavender, forget me not & lily petals with tea tree & cedar wood.
Cleansing & detoxifying with activated charcoal.

queen blend

Himalayan pink salt with rose petals and lavender

sun kissed blend

orange herbal bath with Shea butter, almond oil, lily, & forget me not petals.

balance blend

Himalayan pink salt, epsom salt, & Hawaiian black lava sea salt with rose petals and balancing essential oils

customize your blend ✨

pick your own flowers, essential oils, color and more 💫
starting at $10

Lotions ✨

for soft, healthy skin

lotions ✨

bottle $8
small jar $10
large jar $13

CBD body butter

agave, jojoba, and shea with CBD oil

Aloe Vera face & body lotion

soothing & hydrating
great for dry skin

Maui body butter

with agave, jojoba, coco, & grapefruit oil

Summer nights body lotion

with coco butter & vitamin E

peach body lotion

with jojoba oil

tea tree face moisturizer

with tea tree & almond oil

seasonal fall body lotions

spiked apple cider
sugar cookie
pumpkin pie

under eye cream


All natural soap ✨

made with essential oils

Soap blends 🦋

crystal soap

with a real crystal for you to keep when your soap runs out

cleanse your body & soul with every wash

$5 each

crystal soap minis

$3 each

Honey bee soap minis

with lavender
$2 each

Unicorn soap minis

with lavender
$2 each

CBD minis ✨

$2 each

Mary Jane

Cbd & hemp oil with jasmine
$5 each

rise & shine

rosemary & citrus
$4 each

Summer nights

with gomphrena petals and coco oil
$4 each

honey lemon

$4 each

Hawaiian black lava sea salt soap

$5 each

Winter Wonderland ❄️

Oatmeal & Lavender

scrubs ✨

body, face, & lips

Hawaiian black lava sea salt body scrub


Himalayan pink salt body scrub

with jojoba & essential oils

Lavender face scrub

with lavender buds

Lemon face scrub


Tea tree face scrub


Sweet orange face scrub


lip scrubs 💋

$5 each
green apple, peach, pineapple, & watermelon flavors ✨

essential oil rollers ✨

enjoy benefits from topical application & inhalation from each roll on blend 💫 baby/kids blends available now 🌈

essential oil rollers ✨

healing on the go 🧡

roll near your face, chest, temples, feet, or back of neck.

Mind, body & soul collection

Good sleep
Mood boost
pack of 5 $30
or $7 each

kids rollers collection🌈

calm: diffuse tantrums
owies: soothe skin, reduce scarring
allergies: seasonal breathing ages 3 & up
brave: boost confidence
pack of 4 $25

baby rollers collection 🌙

pack of 4 $25

CBD rollers ✨

add CBD to any of your favorite rollers only $1 extra

keychain rollers ✨

get your fav essential oil rollers in keychain size ✨

Lip balms & glosses 💋

lip gloss: $5
lip balm stick: $4
lip balm tin: $5

add CBD to any lip balm $1


(watermelon flavor)


(grape flavor)


(pineapple flavor)


with positive affirmation




with CBD
with positive affirmation

sweet orange


serums ✨

hair, face, and eyes 🌙


sunshine hair serum

with argan oil & rosemary


rise & shine face serum

made with jojoba oil


cuticle oil



eye lash & brow serum



moon child face toner


face & body wash 🌙

50ml bottle $6
250ml bottle $10

makeup remover wipes

$7 small jar
$10 large jar

foaming face cleaner

aloe face wash

tea tree face wash

honey lemon body wash

rosewater body wash

peach body wash

aromatherapy shower sprays

aromatherapy relaxes your mind, calms the body & boosts your immune system.

aromatherapy shower sprays

meant to be sprayed in the shower where the oils can mix with the steam & create a relaxing steam room effect. the steam from the shower helps diffuse the oils & dispersed them throughout the air so they can be absorbed gently into your body.

set of 3 $25

goddess shower spray

grounding & balancing
boosts mood
alleviates anxiety
eases stress
reduces fatigue
balances emotions

relax shower spray

relieves stress
reduces depression
reduces menstrual cramps
encourages clarity & insight
supports respiratory function
eases headaches & colds
provides feelings of relaxation

breathe shower spray

elevates mood
alleviates stress
boosts energy
clears respiratory tract
stimulates circulation
treats nasal congestion

essential oil body mist 🦋

apply on tops of arms, on coller bone, & behind ears. your spray will build throughout the day.

detoxify your body & mind

$5 each or set of 6 for $25

beautiful day

refreshing & uplifting. helps with headaches.


boosts mood, insect repellent, mental clarity. calms anxiety.


great for skin irritants & anxiety

ocean breeze

boosts mood, insect repellent, calms nerves, helps relieve depression.

calming bliss

helps with menstrual pains, hydrates skin, helps skin irritation.

lavender bliss

helps fight insomnia, anxiety, depression & allergies.

custom ash trays, jewelry trays, hair clips, keychains, combs, necklaces & MORE

small combs: $6
large combs: $8
bobby pins: $2
small clips: $2
large clips: $3

keychains: $5
jewelry tray: $10

large variety of colors & designs ✨

skincare accessories 🌿

face wash head wrap ✨


bamboo face towel ✨


scrunchies ✨

$2 each

product applicator ✨


Others 🔮

honor your inner goddess & fall in line with your highest self 🦋✨

floral sage

rose petal & lavender sage bundles for relaxation & self love 🤍
sticker included ✨

mini crystals ✨

2 for $1.00

Christmas collection 🎄✨

candy cane lip gloss


Christmas tree body lotion

with Shea butter

small jar: $10
large jar: $13

Gingerbread soap bars

$5 each
Full size

Snowman soap bars

$5 each
Full size

Gingerbread soap minis

$2 each

Christmas tree soap minis

$2 each

Candy cane soap bars

$5 each

Holiday herbal bath

With  patchouli oil & jasmine 

Winter collection ❄️


Winter Wonderland body butter

light & incredibly moisturizing ingredients for dry winter skin

small jar $10
large jar $13


face cleansing oil

$6 each
8 different blends:
cleansing & detox


winter wonderland soap bars

$4 each
with oatmeal, lavender oil & honey


sweater weather lip balm

with lavender oil & vitamin E