Oh Hey Babe ✨

I'm Stephanie!

Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I'm so excited you're here and look forward to connecting 💖

Allow me to introduce myself...
I'm a 29-year-old Spirited Rebel, and multi-passionate manifesting Fit Witch Boss Babe ✨

I'm your Enneagram 7 with a 6 Wing who honors myself and my truth by seeking out new experiences and adventures and loathe too many restrictions.
In the stars, I am ☉ Libra ☽ Capricorn AS Scorpio.

So what exactly is a Spirited Rebel?
It's a person who views life differently.
We seek out meaningful experiences, elevate life, uplift, and inspire others.

That's me in a nutshell! I'm also a Mama of 3, plus our fur baby Bea and don't forget my Man Child Mike 😬

To sum things up, I find fun and adventure in the chaos! I tend to be a rule-breaker because I enjoy finding my own flow in life and I enjoy filling my own cup so I can show up the very best for my family, friends, and my community of Spirited Rebel Babes!

The past 7 years have been a crazy journey and man have we been through some stuff!
From breaking up with toxic family members, overwhelmed by financial stress, battling anxiety and depression, numbing it all out with addictive behaviors, raising crazy kids....and most recently supporting my husband through his cancer treatments while prepping for a hysterectomy!

With the amount of crap I've endured, I battled so long with my weight and feeling happy and healthy in my body. I felt so stuck in life, I had no energy, no purpose, and no ambition...I was feeding myself to my grave!

I remember the day that all changed though; I was constantly bloated, struggling to breathe just checking the mail, and started to get chest pains. In that one year alone, I managed to put on 70 pounds and man was my body feeling it! I knew I needed change.

I decided to reinvent myself, no matter what it took or how hard.
I started very simple with dance workouts because I knew I had to save me from myself!
Over time, I began doing actual workouts, changing what and how I eat, drinking more water...it was a spiraling effect I didn't expect to happen.

In September of 2020, I decided to add another level of accountability to my goals and became a Beachbody Coach. I was already in for my health but determined to make it work for the extra money. I will forever be thankful for the knowledge, and community Beachbody gave me to really dive deep into my health and wellness journey and I continue to use their workout programs because I genuinely LOVE them! Regardless of my passion and though I tried, with the chaos of my life and their biz model being so hard to succeed (not to mention the restrictions), I realized that at the end of the day, I was spending more money on my products and maintaining my active coach status than I ever made and feeling so discouraged.

I decided that it was time to shift gears and try new avenues! I was introduced to Le-Vel and am so thankful that this opportunity came to me when I needed it most!

I found natural supplements that I love just as much, which give me MORE sustained natural energy. Offers a wider selection of products to optimize my health and results & I no longer have to worry about spending more than I make...no to mention no start-up or monthly coach office fees! The comp plan is so simple y'all you literally have nothing to lose!

Although I enjoy hosting accountability groups you don't have to which is a relief from some!

Jumping ship to this new company also gives me the ability to openly share some of my favorite athleisure with Savvi, something I couldn't do before with Beachbody!

Savvi is an amazing all-inclusive lifestyle clothing brand with new items dropping every Friday! If you're like me and addicted to leggings, you're totally going to want in on the Style Club! My favorite thing about Savvi is how versatile the outfits are, I've dressed up a yoga set for an interview as well as a biz social. You're going to love it!

I can't wait for you to join me along for the ride!
No matter what your experience is with network marketing, these opportunities are for everyone and I'm here in the trenches with you to help you through it.

Let's join forces, grow and glow together while building our biz and confidence from the comforts of our homes!