(Love × Life)(Art × Music × People x Progression)

Distribute the Love. Life is what you create of it!

Hello! Hi There! How are you?
My name is Sheena Lynn H. , but I usually go by Sheena. <3

It often gets difficult to find the exact words to be specifically definitive about what I do, but with the right words, I am a Life Content Creative; an active Enthusiast for Arts, Music, & Culture in everyday lifestyle, as well as, someone who believes in consistently making progressive choices in bettering one's self, society, and world. Most days I can be a complete daydreamer, not to say that life is mundane, but life gets more interesting when you integrate an artistic twist and point of view. There's an importance in seeing the world through your eye of individualism and allowing yourself to contribute your heart in your own way to make life beautiful.

Living life is a celebratory experience. Whether you are waiting on the minutes or just switched into the fast-lane, brace yourself... better yet, em-brace yourself and everything around you. When things get cold, find your little but of sun. Take every chance and opportunity and let things happen for yourself. Trailblaze your path when you find that you have no map. Let it be drama. Let it be serendipitous.

I can ramble about it all day, but there is nothing wrong with interrupting the conversation because you want to go out and be amazed by what the world has to offer.

With that being said, most of the world has been limited to its accessible ventures and I, like many others, having been searching for a solution to get through it. As much as I am a Creative Enthusiast, I am also a family-oriented daughter, aunt, and godmother who loves support her family members, as well, the arts & education in her area. In caring to continue promoting the importance of vivacious lifestyles during this arduous time, a complimentary solution has found its way to me:

The Monat Beauty and Wellness is a company that offers Natural, Vegan, & Cruelty-Free products suitable for anybody who loves to live life as an art form. The Monat company has plenty of options for hair, skin, and & wellness that can be mixed and matched to enhance one's individual beauty while fulfilling the act of being conscious and aware in the cosmetic community.

With my ability to put these products in the palm of your hand, I am not simply giving you another manufactured material of make-up, I am offering you an alternative option that may be your personal foundation of natural radiance and brilliance before you start day.

Wake up and get out there and
Love life, art, music, people, & progression.

- Sheena <3