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I'm Sherilynn, and I'm running a global business that spans across 55 countries and counting!

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... but why?

After graduating, it became clear that the typical 9-5 job was not for me. I was not keen on the rigid working hours, neither was I too happy about the starting salary. Also, I was definitely not thrilled by the way my boss treated me. I was in the corporate world for 2.5 years, and honestly that was 2.5 years too long! I didn't know what I was going to do after leaving my job, but I knew I had to leave.

I was feeling lost and honestly a bit scared; what was I going to do without a job? That was when I was blessed to have met this amazing team, Globalstars Enterprise, that is partnering with this innovative and dynamic business platform, Nu Skin.

I know that through this platform, I am able to achieve all my dreams and more, as long as I work hard. And for the first time, I am working hard for my own dreams, not my boss's dreams! Heck, I am all for it! 😍

It's my passion to empower the younger generation and to show them that hey, it's okay if you don't have it all figured out yet! 🤷🏻‍♀️ However, why not leverage on a platform that's specifically designed for you to achieve your dreams and goals faster, instead of feeling stuck in one that ties you down with inflexible working hours, unattainable KPIs, and meager salary increments, only to inform you that you are no longer needed one fine day? We are truly worth so much more than that!

I would love for you to join our team and work together to achieve success; slide into my DMs if you are interested! 🌟


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