“Trust your gut, life is beautiful, -you just have see it!”


Hi there, I’m Aleksander.
~Norway/ and some other places📍
~Born 2005
~athlete 🏀
~Dreamer 🌼
~public figur 💫
~traveling around the world ✈️
~man of god✝️

Im one of the luckiest persons in the world, I was raised In Norway a rich and wealthy country where everyone have the same rights and privileges. A place to live that most people would call to win the lottery, to be in paradise, be safe, go to school and never got to bed hungry. Have everything I need to live and more, new phone, clothes and anything I can think of. Have parents who make buttloads of money, and still be able to spend time with me and give me everything, take me to basketball training, go to the cinema etc. I live in a country where everyone gets help, people go to the hospital for free, school is free unless it’s a private school, the government gives money to students, separated parents, kids, people with special needs, old folks, and people struggling to find a job, and good enough to be able to live decently. You can dream, say and speak freely. Not everyone are as lucky, and most people here don’t see how lucky one are to have all this. I was born 2005, and I have been chasing my dreams since then. Never giving up on my dreams. Dreams are goals waiting to be complete, they guide us trough life. Your dreams are what makes you, yourself. Without dreams there is nothing, nothing to accomplish, nothing to work for, nothing to live for. Therefore we need dreams, to chase, to work, to think and to accomplish. To grab your dream and not let it go until it’s a dream come true. Reality.
Dream big, don’t let anyone drag you down. If your dream gets crushed, repair it, never give up. Always hope for a the better. That’s the way.

•~💛life passions💛~•
•~•Social media
•~•Food $Pizza$
•~•Diamonds on Minecraft

Top picks what you have to do

My recommendations from my life experiences

Recommendation #1

See the Northern lights

External link

Recommendation #2

Swim with Dolphins

External link

Recommendation #3

Ride a Helicopter

External link

Recommendation #4

Travel to Italy

Recommendation #5

Go to Disneyland Orlando/ or Paris, but note Orlando is better

Recommendation #6

See New Year’s Eve in Times Square NYC

Recommendation # 7

Fly first class on a long haul flight

Recommendation 8

Ride a Jet ski

Recommendation 9

Caribbean cruise

Recommedation #10

Learn to drive

Up to me

I cannot be the only one, who doesn’t have a clue, about where I’m heading, Nor what I’m gonna do. But time will not wait for me, and as the days go passing by, one thing i know that I control, it’s up to me to try.


The meaning of life is always hidden in the heart that stays gentle like a rose admist of all the thorns around it

De Mi Corazón para _______❤️

You are, the one i love with all my might, the one im thinking of day and night, the one that helps me make things right, the one I dream of every night, the one I think of when I hug my pillow tight, the one I’m not giving up without putting up a fight🥺💜