Recently I have started working for myself and being my own boss, this is something I have always wanted to do, choosing my own hours and putting in as much or as little effort as I wanted. I achieved this by joining a business that specialise in skin and hair products, these products can be used on men, women, children and pets. These products are panomanal; they are made from your online applications by simply filling out a form and we will specifically make them to suit your desires.
I came across this opportunity through my mentor Jenna who introduced me to the business. She reached out to me offering an extra income and a great opportunity she thought could be beneficial to me, intrigued, I wanted more information! She sent me a video and I really liked the way the business worked and found that I could relate with the same reasons why she joined. She then signed me up over the phone which was really easy, the next day I had a Zoom call with Jenna and her mentor and they started training me up and helped me throughout the process.
I found that the starter kit was really expensive and wasn't quite sure if I would like to join due to how much this would cost me and I could not afford to join just to fail and lose my money. Jenna then explained if I do not like this opportunity or if it doesn't work out I can then get my money back if it is within the first 30 days time frame.
I decided to join this industry because I would love the financial freedom it could provide me. Just turning 18 and looking to buy or rent my own place I was already paying for all my own stuff and was starting to struggle. I am in my last year of college. I had to buy all of my own equipment and could not afford to do this without working 2 jobs. I was then struggling with time to study and this was causing me to feel anxious and stressed. If I wanted to go out with my friends I would have to borrow money from someone that I couldn't afford to pay back.
I am really excited to start my journey with this business, excited to show my family that I can and have done something with my life, this opportunity is huge and I believe anyone in the same posistion as me would be stupid to turn this down, it could really change your life.
If you're anything like me i'm not a person to take risks but I am so glad I took a risk with this business and hopefully I will achieve all my goals by the end of the year.