My Journey

A little bit about me,


My name is Marley.

I’ve always been someone who loves to help others. Whether it be helping my friends, family, animals, children, you name it, I always felt called to being of service to anyone in need. My drive to make sure my presence and help was available did not stop in any of the career fields I chose. Working at restaurants, hosting night-clubs, helping organize and clean for a living; they were all jobs I chose because helping others came as such a natural desire for me that it was no question I’d choose a job / career for myself that reflected that. However, I was missing the growth, personal development and balance my soul craved every time I clocked in to work.

At the time one of my friends online had been exposing me to her life-changing new business for a few months. It peaked my interest and curiosity as I saw her life and business start to flourish. So I decided to reach out, curious about the opportunity she took and was now offering others. It was... shampoo.

Luxury Anti-Aging Vegan Shampoo.

Selling shampoo. My business venture at the time came to a hault as soon as I heard it was selling products, but for someone who has lived a plant-based/vegan lifestyle for 3+ years my mind was open to trying this product I saw my friend and her friends craze about. I then ordered the products and not even 3 weeks after using what I had invested in my hair, I joined the business immediately.

Monat has completely turned my world upside down in the most positive and unbelievable way possible. I now get to help others find their confidence through healthy beauty products just like how I found mine, right from the comfort of my home. This business is more than just hair and skin care; it’s about learning how to build the foundations you need to succeed and reach your goals. Monat is about supporting and uplifting each other, while helping you tap into being your strongest, healthiest self. Being YOUR own boss.

Monat Global is the only clinically tested luxury, anti-aging, vegan and non toxic company out there in the market today. This means our billion-dollar business has been billion dollar solution for millions of people all over the world. From people who suffer from hair problems to skin problems, these products have changed people’s lives. They have changed mine! Working with the top of the line dermatologists and science advisory board, we’re here to help fix what you need.

We help those who’s hair suffers from:

• alopecia
• frizz
• hair thinning
• breakage
• dullness
• damage
• moisture-starved hair
• excessively oily hair

And who’s skin suffers from:

• rosacea
• psoriasis
• hyperpigmentation
• dullness
• dryness / oily skin
• acne
• fine lines / wrinkles / loss of elasticity
• enlarged pores
• age spots

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I want to help you gain your confidence back while looking flawless and help those who want a new business opportunity!

E-mail: [email protected]