Influencer Application

Hey! I'm Yajaira♥

Few months ago, I was struggling, lost my job due to Covid and felt like my hands were tie up to pay bills and have groceries in the fridge. I came accross a girls Tik-Tok where she talked about how she didn't have debt, cars payed, brand new home and all thanks to Social Media. Yup I was amazed, I mean how crazy is that? I spend hours on Facebook, Instagram and specially Tik-Tok and I could've got payed!

I've had been stressing out and having insomia every night trying to figure out how the hell was I supposed to pay my bills. I didn't want to go back to working at a Call Center, 9-11hrs, 6-7 days a week.

When I came across this opportunity, I'am not gonna lie, I hesitate, I was afraid, I was still insecure and doubted myself like always! But I knew I wanted to change my income without working for someone else!
And here I'am achieving my goals! proving wrong to everyone that doubted me, including myself!

* Before you fill this application and click submit I want you to know!

This is what you are going to be learning from me!

- How to make an Income from Facebook & Instagram.
- How to grow your following.
- How to get your Confidence and become the best version of yourself.

& so much More!

* Lets get your mind set started!

- Are you money driven?
- Are you willing to learn?
- Are you ready to take this life changing step?

Lets get you started! Lets turn your full potential and desire into an income and freedom!

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