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Welcome, my name is Yakairy, if you have came across my page you most likely have an interest of the opportunity I have to offer for you. I am a mother of one, full time employee for Columbia billing department. There are several reasons why I joined this business on March of 2020. It wasn’t for the same reason of why many join this business I’ll try and be as honest as possible. I joined the business for the finical freedom, Self care, being able to be a more present mother, and to prove to myself that I’m am cable of achieving major goals. I want to be able to say that I stuck to this and succeed. In the making of all of that finding that products that have been helping me with my hair and skin journey , helping women reach finanical freedom and achieve those goals for other women and men as well. I have the ability to have a full time job and work Monat part time and still feel like the BOSS Women I’ve always been.

Be opened minded to new doors, we don’t grow in comfort, life doesn’t owe us anything we have to go out and work for what we want. Be that goal getter!

At first when I started the business I was so afraid of what others would think of me, I was closed minded and this community of women has changed it all. We empower one another on a daily, help each other reach our goals and make sure we are supported 24/7.

A little bit about Monat, We are the fastest growing luxury hair care brand in the world, and you can ask Siri she will tell ya.....We are the first social marketing company to focus entirely on premium hair & care products that actually promote healthy hair growth and reverse damage from the inside out. And now we have a SKIN Line !! Our full range hair care line is naturally based, cruelty-free, anti-aging and free of all harsh chemicals. The company is only 5 years old and on track to becoming a billion dollar company.

So what does this mean? I am offering you a ground level opportunity that will change your bank accounts for doing what you already do wash your hair, wash your face and recommend products or ideas to people.

This Business is not easy, but it is simple. You must be willing to step out of your comfort zone, be hungry to learn and succeed. I am excited to be your mentor and I am looking forward to teaching you all it takes to be successful in this business. This year we are aiming for High GOALS, Monat has a Millionaires club and I want you there with me.

If this is something you are interested in? Fill out the questionnaire and lets get started. I promise your only regret, like everyone else, is that you didnt start sooner. -Yakairy