Be a doer, not a dreamer.

Determined to rise.

A year ago, anyone could have asked me where I would be, what I saw myself doing with life or what I could have done to change things around me.

I honestly wouldn’t have had those answers.

I grew up in a family of five with a hard working mother, who did it on her own. I lived through the life of struggle, through the life of skipping/splitting meals. My childhood wasn’t the easiest but it was a place that taught me humbleness throughout the years.

Evidently, I grew up, got a job, prospered in college (currently studying EMT/ Firefighter) and moved out to be on my own. Everything I have is everything that I have worked for. HARD.

I took a leap of faith into a business that has allowed me to travel to many different places, educate me on how important financial literacy is, and how life should be lived. We, as people, should redefine the narrative of what “freedom” should be. It isn’t working all day just to still struggle. It isn’t having to ask your manager when you are allowed to go on a vacation. You should get up and just do it!

Don’t work for your money, make your money work for you. Whenever and wherever.