Yamaoka Tea House - 山丘

About Us:
こんにちは! Let me tell you more about Yamaoka Tea 🌱🍵 Yamaoka tea house started in April 2020 during the pandemic. Yamaoka derived from the Japanese word “Yama” which mean Mountain and “Oka” which mean Hills. Where the higher the tea plantation is, it can produced more delicious and divine teas

Our Founder grew up in a family that consumed tea like water. Where scientifically saying, 90% of the tea substance is water 😂 It was during college that she was introduced to good bubble milk tea, and she was obsessed until today. Naturally it further nurtured her interest in tea hence started her journey as a tea drinker.. one day, she thought, why not introduce and elevate both tea and bubble milk tea in one platform?

So “BAM” here we are, in Yamaoka tea house, focusing on placing the tea into the spotlight before the boba but still sharing the excitement that bubble milk tea can offer!🧋 🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋🧋
And along this time, it has been a blessing to be able to meet and gather tea lovers like you, whom we could share our passion with.

Tea is a heritage drink that has existed thousands years ago and it is a medium that has hold our culture together from generation to generations. Tea is a magical beverage that could calm and heal your soul, mind and body, however, people often think that tea is obsolete, and its not hype enough for the millennial kids to enjoy them, so here in Yamaoka, We would like to break the stereotype by creating amazing tea drinks to enjoy! Last but not least, we will be focusing on building the tea community and serving you the best tea in town!

“Let us sip and sit, forget the world a bit and drink a cup or two”
Yamaoka Tea

Our Values

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to pass down the tea culture and also to create a healTEA community/relationship by breaking the tea “stereotype” and to provide our customers with the best tea experience with single origin and natural blended teas from Japan, China, Taiwan and Indonesia

Our vision is to provide consistent and delicious tea journey by curated our teas that we brew; in terms of sourcing and maintain the quality of the tea. We want to change the way people see and think about tea being part of the modern society and also a healthy beverage to enjoy!