Animal welfare advocate and volunteer 🐾

Using my voice to help the voiceless.

Ever since I was little, I have always had a remarkable compassion for animals.

At 16, I realized that it was not enough to just love animals, so I started to get off the sidelines and advocate for them.

Join me and my fellow advocates and volunteers in our fight to protect animals here and around the world!

All great friendships start with a paw-shake


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MARO - Mayari Animal Rescue Organization, nc.

Report a case

Adoption Reqs.

First we'll have a set of questions ensuring that an adopter is responsible and suitable to take care an animal for it's whole life.

We ask an adoption fee of Php 1000:

It's not for the dog/cat but a partially reimbursement for our expenses i. e. the vaccines and expenses of spay/neuter. Our rescues are all fixed, got anti rabies shots and feline 3in1 resp. dogs canine 5in1 shots with booster.

Puppies and kittens will be desexed at age 6mths and receive the vaccines.

If an animal is less than 6+ months you have to promise to spay/ neuter it when it's old enough resp. MARO will take care of it depending adopters location.

This is also mentioned in the adoption contract to be signed. We may help and do spay/neuter at the Cebu City Pound on our expense and after meds on your cost.
You save the registration fee for one year p200 plus s/n p100 to p250!

The contract also says that you have to inform us immediately if the animal is not well. We may have budget ways to help or discounts, but you have to be able to cover the costs. You are obliged to bring an adopted animal to the vet when it's sick. It also says that you can not give an adopted animal away without our approval. You have to inform us ahead and we'll screen the adopter. If it doesn't work out you rather return the animal.

The adoption contract says hat we can visit the animal anytime and take it back if needed (neglect, abuse, etc.). That you have to feed suitable pet food not table food not leftovers!

We ask a p1000 which is below effective costs for all the treatments and expenses of a rescue.

We also require and provide the adopted animal with canine 5in1 vaccine for dogs which costs php 350 or up at a vet / and for cats feline 3in1 from php 650 at a vet clinic plus both of them a 2nd booster shot after 2 weeks.

The 5in1 can be given from 10 weeks of age with one booster shot 2 weeks after. If you prefer a puppy to get vaccinated earlier at 6 weeks of age you can have this done with total 4 shots every 3 weeks.

After approving the adoption we will be the one to bring the animal to your place and join it for a while at the new place. We will update the deworming and necessary vaccines if needed.

Directions to MARO

Upper Lupa, Hillside, Sapangdaku (Guadalupe)

Do not have the taxi driver confuse it with Subangdako Mandaue. Always mention Guadalupe!

How to get there :

Go to Guadalupe church with jeepney 06a or 06b (not 06c). That's the end of the jeepney line and a ring road around the church! Looking at the church the road to Sapangdaku is on the left side behind the church (11 o'clock) just before CEBUANA.

Going around the church, it's the 4th turn of to your right. There you take a habal2x / motorcycle taxi to the Barangay Hall of Sapangdaku (not Guadalupe), it's a 5 min. ride.

Just after the Brgy Hall (yellow) you'll see a green house with a green gate where you go off the bike and walk up or you have them ride up.

It's a short distance with 4 bends until you come to the end of the concrete road. There you turn left towards the banana trees by the small soil path through the grass. We are located next to those banana trees.

If you take the bike all the way up then the biker will charge you p20. Don't let him overcharge you. If the driver does not know the place, he can ask the people in front of the Brgy. Hall.

Please remind me or anyone from the shelter ahead of your visit. Confirm a day before and let us know once you are on the way.

Schedule a visit

Directly message us on our Facebook page or to Mr. Dan Vetter to set an exact date and time for your visit. Please confirm a day before and let us know once you are on the way to MARO.