About Us:

Welcome To Yapah Melanin!!


Hi, my name is Keesha and I am CEO & the owner of Yapah Melanin Bath & Body Skin Care. ( YA-PAH means beauty or beautiful in Hebrew language and MEL- A- NIN means skin). How we came up with the name is one day I posted a selfie picture of myself on instagram and a few of my Hebrew sister's was like Yapah sis...and I didn't really know what that word meant until I asked and they told me it meant Beautiful, so that word stuck with me and I was already in the process of making handmade skin care for myself as a hobby and then that's how I came up with the name Yapah Melanin (Beautiful Skin) to use for my brand in my skin care business.

I started Yapah Melanin actually 6 years ago but things happen to were I was suppose to put out more product but financial problems took place so I had to take care of that plus tryna find another job to be able to buy products to sell. So it ended up costing me to put my business on hold for a little while but... We are back! That's all that matters... Anywho, one summer I decided to create and experiment with different ingredients and put them into my skin care regimen and I had a conversation with my sista Niecy and family after that they gave me an idea about making a product to help people have skin like me. Little did they know I already had one that I used to clear up dark spots in my face and preventing random breakouts. Over the years I always hid behind not having a skincare routine but when people kept asking me about “What do you use on your skin”, “I love your skin complexion, how did you get your skin to glow and look clear like that" I realized I had to tell the truth one day. So here we are years later and I’m giving everybody a chance to “let yo soul glow” as I do. Lol. As always I am a full-time worker first and in the event of delays and production slow down you all understand. I hope you all enjoy!

Our Mission: Our number one goal is taking care of you and your SKIN. Most of us don’t realize our skin is one of the largest organs on our body and we tend to neglect it. So we’ve created products to help you tend to your SKIN. We focus on providing high quality products and satisfaction. Everything here is handmade, free of harsh chemicals, parabeans, sulfate and minerals oils. We believe what we put into our body is just as important as what We put on it. Our body is our temple (our home) and we must take really good care of it because "Self Love Is The Best Love". With this believe we pride ourselves in providing high quality effective products that will give you results

P.S.A: From our family to yours, we put lots of love and careful attention in each item. We hope you enjoy our handmade bath and body skincare products as much as we enjoy creating it for you.