Life is important.  —

This may not be so fun to read but it is important to know how people feel and that everyone needs help sometimes and that is okay. It is important not to avoid the truth but to fight yourself through it !.

To all teenagers, adults who suffer in silence. I understand you. I will always understand that you do not know how you feel. There are no feelings left. You've taken too much and given too much until nothing is left. Just emptiness and loneliness. But I have gone through the same thing and I want to say that you are much stronger than you think. I'm not saying that you should change your mind in a second, but you should know that you are so
valuable and you are so strong who are fighting not for yourself but for others around you! It shows how kind-hearted you are. How smart and special you are. You will always be special never doubt it. Words may not mean so much now, but believe me it is at least something more than just silence. The world may feel unnecessary and tough but believe me it is not so, it is crazy sometimes or yes, quite often but there are always new ways open for you. It is you who decide which path you want to take. Do you want to take the difficult road and fight your way through your life and feel so much better later when you have everything and that's happiness? Or do you want to take the easy road and be sorry because you know you could have done better but you did nothing because you thought you were too weak for this world. I'll tell you you're not weak. You are brave and you should not give up. You are who you are and don't care about people this is about you now. Your life, your future, your well-being will come until everyone else never forgets it. Now think about how you really want your life to look and fight your way up! Time is showing and I am here to support you even though I do not know who you are but my energy is with you and supports you! Take care!.

Dm me if u wan't to talk about everything i will listen and help as much as I can. ❤️