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I’ve created this page for my friends and followers to share what I love, including products and tips that I live by. I’m hoping these methods help all of you as they do for me.

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Morning ~ Skincare

The most important part of your day before breakfast! I always try to get my skincare routine done quick before anything else so the products have time to sit. This is essential when putting on any kind of make up later on.


Always use a healthy face wash to cleanse the face of all the products used the night before. I only skip this step once a week to give my skin a break. I like a light weight cleaner that will just brighten up and clean the skin.


After done washing up, you should just leave some water on your face so it’s not completely dry. Grab a good toner and wipe away any excess oils around your face with a cotton pad. When you’re done, if you have any kind of acne like me you want a decent spot treatment and just go over the little buggers. These are the two main treatments that I like to use to target my acne and discoloration on my face.


Once you have tackled down the acne products, you then go in to hydrate the skin. I prefer to use a hemp serum and if my skin is very dry I will also add some pure aloe vera. The aloe is also very soothing so if you have any redness or just sensitive skin- this will be helpful with hydrating/calming it down. After doing so I go in with adding my moisturizer.


To top it all off I have to use a good facial oil to keep in all the products I just used. A huge fail that people make is to use only oil as a moisturizer- which can be fine if you are in a rush or I guess if it truly works for you but it tends to make the face generally oily. With putting a little bit around the face helps seal the products on your face and allow for a smooth make up application later.

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