I am a self-proclaimed intellectual who strives to learn, educate and better the world, one story at a time! I firmly believe in neuroplasticity, training your brain thru positive behavior! #justdoit

As a war survivor from Bosnia, I naturally became an advocate/public speaker for the voiceless, EDUCATING for the past 25 years about inter-generational hatred, genocide and ethnic cleansing. I published a book entitled “Childhood Interrupted: From Bosnia to America” currently in Barnes and Noble & Amazon. Essentially, this is my journal written in a refugee camp in Croatia when I was 10 years old. In High School I translated it as a Senior-Year- project, and in college I perfected it with an English Professor.

In the process of my life, I learned how to DEFINE goals and CRUSH them, from various individuals who have impacted me and left positively engraved-markings, but also because I have always had an innate fire burning inside that refuses to dim.
Everything I envision I have to act on and has come to fruition, for the most part lol. I whole-heartedly believe in the law of attraction. Positive attracts positive. I am the most logical, rational ice Queen most of the time, so don’t picture what I am saying with me in a dress and flowers on my head running on a beach carelessly with a few horses next to me!

My truest joy and passion is to INSPIRE individuals to better themselves and the world around them!
By understanding what you want in life, positively contributing to society or your community, and defining/ visualizing your future, you ABSOLUTELY can achieve your goals!
When you have hard-concrete goals only then do you know what you are fighting for!
Never be in a mental limbo darling, just keep it moving forward!

My entire life I have enjoyed pampering others, however have not been so good at pampering myself except for my 2x/day only 5 minute skincare routine!
I have the mindset for the rest I swear, and slowly I will prioritize myself as well! Before I am dead I promise!
I started a SKINCARE company as I am obsessed with our biggest organ and have always preached skincare: quick , EFFECTIVE, ethically sourced, scientifically proven yet naturally derived. Hence, MiniMedSkincare.com.

My latest project is entitled “ Inspirational Women” and is a LIVE series on IGTV under my handle Faceconnoisseur. I thrive on others success! I have always been a magnet for advice and individuals who struggle on the edge of sanity. I thought there are so many phenomenally successful women that can collectively contribute to the inspirational bucket. We can share to positively inspire and transform, one story at a time!

I am married with 2 beautiful little girls that are the sole reason I live each day. My husband is the love of my life for the past 21 years :) my support in everything I envision. We have thrived, and survived together thru a 100 lifetimes. How he deals with me? I have no f****** clue!
Find someone like this and do not let go! No matter what.

I love languages and (was) capable of learning any really, within a short period of time. Currently, I speak my native Bosnian , Spanish and English. I can understand Russian, Italian and Portuguese if you speak slower! Currently, Our household favorite language is Japanese!
In Bosnia, I attended a Music Academy for Accordion, although I truly loved Violin, however this was at the “request” of my parents. I regret skipping class sometimes and wish I had learned it fully. I can play basic piano.
My dream would be to travel to every country on planet earth so I could absorb every culture! I find people fascinating along with the inner workings of their ethnocentric microcosms! I spent my summers as a teenager in Denmark with my Moms family and Sweden with my Dads. Getting “stuck” with my sister in Frankfurt , Germany , after I was robbed, because we refused to drive with our uncles and took the train from Bosnia to Denmark! In retrospect, the best days of my life ,lol!

And lastly, what I CAN tell YOU is reach out to others to learn from them, get involved in your community positively and DEFINE your dreams because only if you KNOW what your goals are, only then can you work towards them!

#1 YOU are the key that unlocks your future and only your confidence and love for yourself will get you to the destination! Others only help.

So, Do not spend your life in no mans land, surrounded by people/things/ideas that do not positively align with who you really are at any give point in your life.
I realized life is about thriving in joy: surrounded by positive love , sincere support of kindred spirits you adore, and only then can you confidently strut thru it all when you have a strong wall of support to fall back on.
If your foundation is weak, do not worry, start building your wall of support now!

It’s never too late and most importantly, your #1 internal confidant, your own guide, is always YOU! Make YOU resilient!



Every drop in the ocean matters! Reach out with your story!