Latina Entrepreneur


Yaya here, making my nickname a household name from your abuela to your primas and event the amigas!

FunFacts: I was born and raised in NYC, from Dominican Immigrants parents (then). I am 1 of 4 siblings and 1 of 50+ grandchildren! Yes we are proud of that count! This Woodside girl will always be a City Girl at heart but living my best life in the cities of SWFL. I am married to my Best Friend and together we are raising Cookies & Cream.

Growing up in NYC, I spent 12 years working for a private investment firm, 1.5 years working for HRA in the city of NY, 3 years at DMV in Fl, to realize that my heart was set at being an entrepreneur after having owned my own business. In 2010 after being handed the pink slip, I went on a ventured and started my own company . What started as Baby Shower Baskets, turned into family and friends Planning Events. So for 6 years I helped so many family, friends and strangers created lasting memories of their special day as an Event Planner in NYC.

During this time, I also took on another role of helping others look and feel their best thru social selling of healthy nutritional products, now this is when the social seller in me was born and a new world of business was learned. A third opportunity came by to which I turned down 6 years ago as well (then I thought it would be too much on my plate), but here we are giving it my all to that same opportunity I turned down then!