Method #1: The Indirect Method

1)The indirect method:

This Method is pretty simple, basically all you have to do is send us anything you want to share.

You can send us your posts the day you chose to take over as you come up with them, and we will get it posted as soon as possible.

Or you can send them to us before hand and we can add them to our program that will automatically post it for you.

The only problem that we have found with this method, is if you have something big you want to post, like a video, it can be very hard to get it to us and sometimes can be delayed in going up.

How this method works

Method #2: The Direct Method

2)The Direct method:

With this method, I will give you a temporary password that will only last for 24 hours so you can log in and post anything you want whenever you want.

Once you're 24 hours are up, the password will be changed and you will be locked out of the Instagram page.

During the entire course of your 24 hours I will still be logged in just to keep an eye on things and to make sure it's all running smoothly.

Pretty much the only two rules with this method are:
1) Please stay out of the DM section and do not message anyone from this account.
2) Do not change the password and kick me out.

Method #3: The Collaborator Method

3)The Collaborator Method

With this method you would post anything you want to share with us on to your page.

Then, when you go to tag a person you would click the section that says invite collaborator, and you would add us as the collaborator. @ydoc.hypehouse

The only problem with this is when it comes to posting stories, you would still have to send the stories to us for us to put them up for you.