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๐„ž โ ‡๐”“• ๐…„ Radiancery from enormous expanse firmament transpierce the skin, lucent and entrancin'. The eight fairies with their respective elements regularly play outside the cottage by and frolic. One of the fairies with tiny stature jumped up and flew through the sky, prancing around with joy as usual. Sheโ€™s sunflower fairy. Itโ€™s undeniable that sheโ€™s pretty.

Beatific Sunflower

Choi Yoojung

โš˜ ๐Œ๐ˆ๐‘๐“๐‡ โŠถ The union of dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins works and functions well so that she is a positive and happy teenage girl. Her daintiness corporeal make oscillate heart, and her larynx emits vocal cords intone serenical spoil the ears. Beatitude scattered to all denizen inasmuch the damsel vigor. โœง

Guri, South Korea. A special land that witnessed the birth of a soul that was blessed from heaven and then occupied its mother's womb. November 12, 1999, the sun shone brightly but erratically until it was cloudy, the sky seemed unsupportive. The look on his face shows how worried and continues to pray for the best. The sound of crying from the room, which is predominantly white and has a strong medicinal smell, can be heard entering the sense of hearing. Instantly the sky turned bright again and the sun appeared as if it was smiling happily when the girl was born into the world. Mixed feelings turned into tears of joy. Like a god-given treasure, the family looked very happy. She was cared for with love until she grew into an adorable, kind, virtuous little girl. Unexpectedly, since childhood the girl has been given an edge in talent. How proud her parents are. The earth always spins and rotates but humans do not feel it because of the force of gravity. It's the same with years, months, weeks, days, and times that keep changing until finally the little girl grows up and enters her teens. Rapid physical development, has a physique that is almost perfect. Smooth skin, sweet smile, might make people think, "Ah, how beautiful she is." It is natural, the praise she has received since she was a child thanks to the talent embedded in him. Turning a new leaf on her journey, she took advantage of her talent by becoming an idol star.
Like an angel who came down from heaven and then transformed into a princess in a dress and crown decorated with silver, shining diamonds and always shining. Sitting on the throne with authority doesn't make her heart feel the least bit haughty, she's very friendly and funny and it's important that she draws attention to her stunning visuals.