About ME! 👩🏻

Love cooking & discover nice food!
Used to be a chef and own a restaurant was my dream
What makes me want to start this business?
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What makes me start this business?

After one year of working in kitchen, I realise that it wasn’t that easy, seeing my boss struggle a lot, and initially I health got affected due to lack of sleep, and I don’t have time for my family!
My day off is my sleep in day, and the only time when I can meet my friend?
They visit me while I was working 🥲
I started to ask myself, is that worth it? Am I going to work in kitchen line forever? Will I end up like my boss if I have my restaurant in future, and the answer is No..


Timing is everything, I was looking for a way to earn extra income, because I’m tired of I have to think twice when comes to buying the things that I like ( make up/ clothes or even food! etc.. )
Plus it’s the time to repay to my parents as they are getting old!
My friend introduced my about this business, and I say YES! And it’s the best decision I have ever made, because it gives me hope,
Dreams & Goals really can be achieved (which I used to be very sceptical about it, I realise that is because I don’t have a way to achieve and afraid of disappointment)

And the best thing is this business is very flexible in time, I can spend time with my family while running this business! 🙌🏻


Globalstars is a team that I could never imagine of! Full of vision, dreams and ambitious too!
Although we have different background, but we come together as a family, to grow, to encourage, to help each other in the business
And the mentor we have to guide us in the business is the best mentor!
They will always encourage us, believe in us will success in the business and being patience with us too!

What does success mean to you?

For me I used to think that
- Own a restaurant
- Financial Independent
-Living in my dream house and car
- Bringing my parents to travel
- Get married, have children
Is a kind of success in life, but I realise that there’s is more!
With this business, I’m able to help more people like me before!
A lot of people don’t dare to pursue their dreams & goals is because maybe lack of opportunity, or a platform to help them achieve it!
What if I tell you that you can achieve it too? ☺️
If you’re looking for an opportunity to achieve your dreams and goals! Let’s connect!
Let’s make 2021 the best year ❤️