Aunty Agnes’ Kitchen

Aunty Agnes’ Kitchen is a West African catering business developed by my mother and I as a homage to my late grandmother, who believed that you could connect everybody through food. And she was absolutely correct.

We pride ourselves on bringing succulent West African cuisine, with a hint of delicious southern flair, straight to your dining room table.

Whether it’s a baby shower, wedding, corporate gathering, or you just want a catered date night, keep us in mind for your next event!

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Below are three of my favorite West African dishes. It was so hard to choose!

#1 Rice Akara

OMG, I absolutely love rice akara. I am that cousin that will fill up her plate with nothing but rice akara at family functions if I could get away with it. Picture a nutmeggy banana pancake ball- but a million times better. Yep!

#2 Rice & Casava Leaves Stew

Do you really know what a real mouth explosion is if you haven’t had casava leaves? You can eat this stew with any meat you want, or you can choose to go meatless- either way, you’re winning.

#3 Couscous

You probably thought I was going to say jollof rice, right? While jollof rice is a movement all on its own, people are really sleep on Sierra Leonean couscous. The best part? It has way less calories than rice does 😌

Rum Cakes

In the mood for sugar and spice? Try one of our famous rum cakes!

The Divorced Millenial

A couple of years ago, I went through a divorce that turned my whole world upside down. It was a life-changing experience, and I came out of it a new and improved version.

The purpose of the blog was not to bash anyone or to make the other party look bad. It was simply to share my testimony in hopes that it could help someone else who was going through a similar struggle.

I don’t update it much anymore because that’s not the season of life that I’m in right now, but I keep it up as a source of inspiration to anyone who is struggling to let them know that there is hope on the other side, and that things do get better.

If you ever get bored and need something to read, check it out!

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