I’m Anuj, your vibe maker and dance floor master.

I’ve been DJing for more than a decade - corporates, bars, clubs, birthdays and uni parties. But for me, nothing is as fun than DJing for a newly vowed couple and their nearest and dearest.

I make the music match your style, your venue and your audience.

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So many decisions


You’re looking for reliability

I get there early, I bring backup gear to make sure the dance floor doesn’t stop, and i'm reachable throughout your wedding journey via email, text or a call.

I love playing fun songs for fun people, and i'm damn good at it - i've been doing it for a decade.

Music is a non-negotiable

If someone hasn't twerked like their life depended on it have you even gotten married? Bands are great (some of my favourite weddings have had a band), but they can't react on the fly for strange and personal requests which make the party one to remember.

Quirky works for me

The quirkier the wedding, the more memorable it is - i’ve helped speeches with cued lighting, unique entrances, and surprise performances. Want to make a custom medley for your first dance? I can do that too.

The nitty gritty

I’m based in Sydney, and happy to travel. I’m available any day of the week, for a dance floor only set or the whole event. I can sort out lights, microphones, speakers, smoke machines and even record the set I play on the day as a keepsake. I love taking requests, so shoot me a spreadsheet or Spotify playlist of your favourite songs and I’ll have them.

A bit about me


Dance floor filler

Definitely “24k Magic” by Bruno Mars - it’s got a killer vocal intro, massive bass kicker and is funky as hell. It’s a throwback to nostalgic 80s funk, so it’s a winner for all generations.

Wedding cocktail

Always serve something personal - the drink that you first had together, one you’ve invented yourself, a twist on a classic. Or just go with a grapefruit margi.

Wedding vibe

Barefoot and beachy - no shoes, sunnies on, linens all round. A wedding should be a reflection of your personality, that’s what makes it unique. Don’t go for what everyone else does, own your style and pull it off with confidence.

Best man speech

I was MCing a reception during which the best man had a handmade, A2 presentation folio full of graphs, memes and photos. It was completely him, and the most considered effort I’ve ever seen for a best man speech. Not a dry eye in the house.