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How will you feel if you can have a bag or fashionable items supplier right here in Nigeria giving you same prices as wholesalers in China?

I know it's your sincere desire to have a supplier that would give you a reasonable price and also deliver at you convenient time without stress right here in Nigeria.

And that's where we come in.

What do we do? We are into varieties of Bags ranging from micro, mini, medium to big bags.

We have single bags, 2in1 bags and 3in1 large bags depending on your choice.

Shop from our store to get the best offers on

✅ All bags when you get to see and hear about it first as our customer or our wholesaler.

✅ All fashionable items.

✅ When we are on promo.

You can make a single purchase through our store or you can chat me up on my WhatsApp to add you to our wholesales group.

Join our wholesales group where you buy in M.O.Q at a very reasonable prices. We have offers you can't get elsewhere trust me

And if you would like me to procure for you I'm just a DM away. You can always reach out to me.

Remember it's a no scam zone, if you join our group and the prices are not ok for you, you are free to exit it. But I double that would ever happened

We don't do Naija made, all bags are from China and Turkey bags.

About The CEO

Talking About Myself

My name is Mrs Elewuro Lateefa Wahab. An entrepreneur, a coach, a wife and a mother to a beautiful baby girl🥰.

I base in Lagos.

I'm a proud Business house wife🥰

I start this business with nothing but to the glory of God I am where I am today.

Business general is not easy BUT if you can try it you can do it, trust me.

Best wishes